1.  Log into the Medical Director database system
  2. Open Medical Director Maintenance     
  3. On the left select "Common" under "Database Tasks" 
  4. Open Communication services    
  5. A login prompt will appear and you will need to login with a MD administrator account for the site.

  6. Select "Manage Patient Locks" in the bottom left of the "Communication Services" screen 

  7.  If the screen you have does not have the "Manage Patient Locks" option you are not on the database server or computer and will need to log onto the correct system to continue.

  8. The "Manage Patient Locks" Screen will have a list of currently open Patients and the computer they are open from.

  9. ONLY Patients with "Workstation Reachable" set as "False" should be selected. 

  10. Select the "Reset Selected Locks" button at the top menu and follow the final prompt to clear the Patient lock.

  11. Close the manage Patient Locks window and other corresponding windows.