1. Navigate to http://www.p1it.com.au/services/voip/voip-portal/

2. Login with your username and password

3. Under “Hosted PBX” Click “Time Switches”

4. Select preferred option

Manual Override: Manual override is stays active until disabled.

 For example, you may need to leave the store for a moment but you arent sure when you will be back. You can use manual override to divert to your mobile and disable this when you get back.

Timed Override: Timed override is useful for set periods of time and will switch back to automatic after that time period.

For example, you may be leaving the store early. Your automatic timer is set to change your phones to voicemail at 5pm but its only 3pm. Simply set a timed override until 5pm which directs callers to voicemail. After 5pm the switch will automatically change back to automatic so no intervention is required the next day.

Automatic: Automatic changes the time switch according to the parameters its configured with.